Company Profile

Starline is an Italian company working in the electromechanical sector since 1989.
At the very beginning its core business is the electromechanical assembly, but later on it expanded its know how and competences to electric wiring in several industries: industrial machinery, automotive , electro-medical and illuminating engineering.

Starline has always been looking for innovative and modern solutions. For this reason during the past 15 years it specialized in the hot melt molding process for precise and high performing sealing on circuits, PBCs and connectors, as on other applications. Starline is a strategic partner for its clients. Its internal organization is complete and functional to its activities, with a technical lab, a micrographic lab and a pre-series prototyping service. All this is enriched by a highly qualified staff.

Today Starline works in three main branches:

• Wiring
• Assembly
• Thermoplastic hot melt molding Technomelt® by Henkel