Thermoplastic Hot Melt Molding

Starline chose Technomelt® by Henkel to create functionals covers and to seal electromechanical components.


The Company moulds thermoplastic sections of several components, such as connectors, adaptor cards or PCBs. Starline uses Technomelt® to perform the special Low Pressure Injection Molding process.

Thanks to this innovative technique is possible to achieve better performance in terms of:

• Sealing quality
• Design
• Cost efficiency, both in terms of project realization and equipment

 wiring moluding

moulding realization


This products are the perfect solutions for solving space and customization exigencies. The molds can be internally produced and designed according to customers’ exigences and specific preferences. Alternatively, Starline operates with its own molds.

Sealed PCB
Amber resin

Examples of our molding: